About Us

WTA, Inc. (Workforce Training and Administration Services) began operations well over fifteen years ago.

Our mission then – and still today – is to provide the highest quality of service to our clients in all aspects of human resource management, and to assist in the administration of employee-related tasks so that our client-owners can devote more energy and time to increasing their company profits.

We are a professional employer organization (PEO) serving small business owners in Utah and Nevada.

Corporate Office:

John Barlow – Chief Operations Officer – Jon has over 15 years experience in marketing, business management insurances and the PEO industry. jonb@wtapeo.com

Tony Parry CPA – Sales Manager- Tony has a MBA in Business Administration and has spent 20 years in sales, marketing and the PEO industry. tonyp@wtapeo.com

Abraham Roe- Marketing Manager – Abe has over 20 years in marketing, sales, management and the PEO industry. aber@wtapeo.com

Jason Rettenberger PHR , SHRM-CP– Human Resource – Jason has a Bachelors in Business Management and is nationally certified in HR and has spent over 9 years risk management and 5 years in the PEO Industry. jasonr@wtapeo.com

Wendy Pantoja- Accounting- Wendy has over 15 years in payroll, account receivables, collections and the PEO industry. wendyt@wtapeo.com

Madeline Nguyen – Accounting – Payroll Accounts – Madeline has her Bachelors of Arts in Business Management and Accounting. She comes from a diverse background with experience working in the banking industry, as well as the aviation industry. madelinen@wtapeo.com

Kathy Boyce – Payroll Accounts Manager – Kathy has over 15 years in payroll, client accounts, customer service and the PEO industry. kathyb@wtapeo.com

Tammy Turner – Payroll Accounts – Tammy has over 15 years in payroll, client accounts, customer service and the PEO Industry. tammyt@wtapeo.com

Katie Fillman – Benefits Manager – Katie has over 5 years in the insurance industry, Utah and Nevada licensed, administers client insurance benefits and 5 years in the PEO industry. katief@wtapeo.com

Dahl Powell – Courier Dahl delivers payrolls to clients and assists the mail room and 7 years in the PEO Industry.

St George Office:

Lewie Benson – Client Relations – Payroll Accounts – Lewie has over 7 years in customer service and client relations; he handles daily payroll processing, delivery and maintains the day-to-day relationships of our clients.  lewieb@wtapeo.com