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Fact Sheet: Final Rule to Update the Regulations Defining and Delimiting the Exemption for Executive, Administrative, and Professional Employees

Health Insurance

Need Help With Health Insurance?

One year has passed since the Affordable Care Act became active. As we prepare for the second round of open enrollment in mid-November, few can argue that the ACA hasn’t changed the way we all look at health insurance.

Are you and your employees ready? Do you have questions?

In addition to navigating the ACA marketplace, there are local options for individuals and businesses alike.

We’d like to help you and your company find the best health care insurance option for you, your employees and your company.


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Open Enrollment

WTA provides a wide variety of employee benefits for you and your family, most of which are offered on an individual basis so your employer does not have to be involved in order for you to obtain coverage. For more information call Katie Fillman (801) 270-6842.

benefits For more information, take a look at our benefits handbook.

Client Alerts

E-Verify Policy Change

Clients will now have the option to either have WTA, inc. enroll their employees through E-Verify or opt to enroll and maintain their own E-Verify compliance.

WTA, inc. is proactively committed to making this an easy transition for those clients wanting to manage their own E-Verify compliance while at the same time, ensuring that your business remains compliant. The new policy reinforces the federal law that requires companies with more than 14 employees to participate in E-Verify. If you have 14 employees or less, your company will not have to participate in E-Verify. If you have more than 14 employees, while you do have to participate in E-Verify, you now have the option to let us assist you or manage the E-Verify compliance yourself.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jason in the HR Department. Thank you!

Business Insurance Center

While WTA is not an insurance provider, we encourage our clients to purchase insurance coverage wisely. Not being properly insured puts small businesses at significant risk. We can offer businesses the resources they need through our relationship with The Business Insurance Center, LLC.

Required Workplace Posters

There are many posters that are required by state or federal law to be posted at your place of business. As a courtesy, we are providing links and information about other required posters, but this list is not intended to be complete and there may be additional requirements for your type of business. There is no charge for the posters that we have listed here and they may be copied. Click on the links to download and print a convenient 8.5″ x 11″ format.

Find workplace posters here: