Workers’ Compensation Administration

The risk of injury or illness at the workplace is a constant concern for employers, as the ramifications of an unsafe workplace can lead to time-consuming, expensive legal battles that are harmful to your small business’ reputation. Managing risk through a combination of complying with state and federal employment laws and integrating a comprehensive workers’ compensation plan is one of the most important responsibilities of any small business owner.

As with any potential problem ― including worker injury or false compensation claims ― the first step in the process is setting up prevention strategies. We know this is an effective approach, which is why we advocate developing training programs that will reduce the risk of injury as well as ensure your company is proactively encouraging safety and discouraging recklessness. Part of this proactivity includes developing a return-to-work program for your employees if they get injured on the job, allowing them to gradually resume normal duty on a set, predetermined, medically approved schedule.

Another prevention method is staying on top of other aspects of your business’ accounting process, such as payroll management. Conducting payroll audits can help prevent false or aggravated claims, so a comprehensive workers compensation approach is best. When your employees know that the management behind the scenes is fully focused on the details, they feel safer and more secure, and any problems with communication and reporting disappear.

Our claims managment and Workers Compensation Administration Services in Salt Lake City, Utah

It is well known that frivolous claims combined with lax claims-management practices can negatively impact a small business, not just when incidents occur, but for years to come. We take claims management and processing seriously. Our services include not only claims management and processing, but fraudulent claims investigations and preparation for workers’ compensation hearings. Focusing our full attention on each claim allows our professionals to pinpoint discrepancies and expedite the claims process. The faster claims are processed, the sooner any issues are resolved.

Interpreting workers’ compensation regulations and providing other risk reduction services are also part of the services we provide, which allows your business to comply with regulations and maintain a safer work environment, both of which save you time and money.

WTA helps keep down workers compensation costs thorough administration and reporting, payroll audits, proactive training and aggressive claims management. Let our team help manage all workers’ compensation issues from start to finish ― you’ll reduce stress while saving money.