Employer Liability Management

Effectively managing your liability as an employer is critical in running a successful small business. While workers’ compensation and insurance go a long way in ensuring your business’ stability and security, the importance of internal procedures that support healthy employee relations and limit risk can’t be understated.

Maybe you started your business as a one-person show, and expansion has come through hard work and perseverance. You deserve to celebrate that achievement, but also understand that taking on one or two or maybe a whole host of employees to help further your company’s growth does not come without challenges. These challenges may be difficult to handle alone while keeping up with your own responsibilities in other areas.

Once you are officially an employer, you must assess risk in all areas of your business operations. One of the main strategies all companies use to mitigate employer liability is to set procedures in place to handle any issues that arise. Taking that idea a step further, you must also establish guidelines on how your business will run in terms of complying with local and federal laws and safety regulations.

Our Employer Liability Management Services

Part of our employer liability services and employer insurance includes developing and distributing employee handbooks, so your employees are aware of safety regulations and all relevant company policies. This helps your workers to comply with your specific guidelines. As a business owner, you know how important it is to make sure all parties involved in a project or working within a system follow identical sets of rules and regulations. This helps to reduce confusion and improve productivity. Setting a standard for your company to adhere to helps facilitate understanding between you and your employees.

One of the key components to long-term business success is communication. As with any relationship ― personal or professional ― having clear discussions about expectations before starting any project is necessary. We can step in and make sure your employees are fully aware of your company’s vision and how to reach goals through daily tasks.

Other employer liability services include supervisor training and employee termination assistance, two areas that contribute to the majority of employee/employer-related lawsuits and employer insurance needs. As we’ve stated before, when communication is placed at the forefront, many of these conflicts will not become major issues. When employees know what is expected of them, they can perform at high levels. When they find their talents and desires don’t line up with your company’s, you can part ways in a legal, open manner with the help of our experienced staff.

Contact WTA for more information on our employer insurance and employer liability services, and establish company policy that will protect you and your employees for decades to come.