Regulatory and Government Compliance

Keeping on top of the many HR-related rules and regulations as well as criminal, civil, federal, state and county statutes can easily be a full-time job. Preventing complaints which can result in audits and reviews ― often needless and disruptive to day-to-day operations, sapping your time and money ― is crucial to the well-being and continued success of a small business. Just because your business is small doesn’t mean you are exempt from compliance management in the areas of fair employment practices. These include:

  • Social Security number verification
  • Unemployment management
  • Unemployment claims reporting
  • Unemployment fraud and appeal preparation
  • Unemployment employee audits
  • Obtaining and maintaining applicable licenses and registrations
  • Maintaining and storing employee files
  • State employment tax and unemployment tax compliance and planning
  • Workers’ compensation compliance
  • State-specific employment law compliance and planning
  • Preparation of employee handbooks
  • Regulatory and government compliance management in the areas of fair employment practices
  • Client contracts and notices
  • Employment applications, agreements, posters and forms
  • Employee termination
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Record retention
  • New employee worksite reporting
  • FMLA Administration
  • Comprehensive EEOC compliance services
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance services

Trust Our Team for Regulatory & Government Compliance

You must ensure your employees’ legal right to work by checking Social Security numbers. You must legally store all confidential information safely and securely, and you must ensure all employee licensures are up to date and valid.

The government may require ongoing testing and license renewal for safe business operation, depending on your industry. This involves extensive paperwork and scheduling, including coordination with the employee. You must also legally fully disclose all expectations you have of your employees, typically through the creation of a handbook listing their governmental responsibilities.

Managing unemployment or termination procedures is another area requiring skill and knowledge of legal practices. We counsel small-business owners on a daily basis on these topics, and manage all of the procedures as part of our services.

A misstep in the area of government compliance can be costly, not just in terms of your finances, but your business’ reputation as well. You could be liable for fines and penalties on both the state and federal levels. Why take the risk? You aren’t expected to be an expert at everything, especially wage and employer law. Trust our team to know all the ins and outs ― it’s what we do best.