Recruitment and Hiring

Employee recruitment and hiring involves attention to routine tasks such as advertising job positions, reviewing applications and resumes, and interviewing candidates, all of which takes valuable time away from your business operations.

Especially in today’s job market, where candidates outnumber available positions, finding the best person for the job is time-consuming. Hiring the right people for your small business can save you thousands of dollars, which makes thorough applicant screening solutions vital. We offer the following services:

  • Applicant screening
  • Pre-employment testing of candidate’s skills
  • Pre-employment background checks
  • Medical exam coordination, if required (optional)
  • Drug testing
  • Wage and salary data management
  • Employee orientation programs

From the initial advertisement through your new employee’s first day and beyond, we monitor the process and make sure you retain a valuable candidate who fits in with your long-term goals.

Our Recruitment & Hiring Services

We start by conducting interviews that measure a candidate’s skills against the demands of the job advertised. We can organize any testing that must be completed in order to provide solid, factual evidence that we have located the applicant that best matches your business goals.

Once you have approved the selection, we take care of all the paperwork that must be completed behind the scenes in order to finalize the agreement. We conduct all background and reference checks, organize all required physical exams and provide proof of a passed drug test.

We also can help you set fair salaries for your employees based on the market and the employee’s achievements and experience. You can see the numbers for yourself ― we are always available to communicate with you throughout each step, including the research portion of the process.

Finally, once all the necessary details have been taken care of and your new employee is ready to start work, our team provides the training and orientation he or she will need in order to be successful right away. We work hand in hand with you and your current staff to integrate your new hires into the workplace smoothly, so they can maximize their potential and contribute to your company’s progress immediately.

Trust WTA, because we have a track record of success in this area. Helping you manage the details of your small business is what we excel at, including selecting the right people to further your company’s mission.