Employee Benefits Administration

Studies have shown that a comprehensive benefit plan increases employee job satisfaction and motivation, which contributes to a more successful and profitable business. Employee benefit plans also can be a factor in retaining quality employees and attracting new talent. However, employee benefits administration is not only time-consuming for the small business owner, but it is typically an expensive proposition as well, due to lost productivity, if nothing else. Our staff can help you create employee benefit plans unique to your company, economical for your business and appreciated by your staff. Our benefit package options include:

  • Group health benefits and plans (HMOs, PPOs, HSAs)
  • Life insurance
  • Employee assistance including work/life programs
  • Accident insurance
  • Long-term and short-term disability
  • Supplemental cancer, accident, hospital plans
  • 125(c) flexible spending account plans for medical and dependent care
  • Individual health insurance plans
  • Prescription drug plans
  • Dental and vision insurance plans
  • All full-time employees receive a free $10,000 life insurance policy
  • Individual retirement accounts and retirement services
  • Retirement plan administration
  • Benefit management and administration

Trust Our Team for Employee Benefits Administration

Your business may not match any of the one-size-fits-all employee benefit plans you have researched. That’s OK. Part of what makes your small business unique is not just the quality service or product you provide, but your different, outside-the-box needs as well. You must tailor your employee benefits plan to your company’s needs, and we offer a full range of options to help you meet all of your goals in this area.

You may not have experience selecting employee benefit plans, or you may know exactly what your employees need and want ― don’t worry, we work with all types of clients. We can guide you through the process step by step, or if you already know which benefits package you will offer, we can help you set it up. From life and health insurance to prescription drug and other medical benefits, we want to help you determine what employee benefit plans are best for your business and employees.

Spend less time and money managing these benefits with the help of our team, and free up room in your budget to provide further coverage and advantages for employees. Trust us to take care of the details so you can rest assured your employees are cared for, covered and satisfied.