Immigration Compliance

Immigration law and compliance is a critical part of the hiring process, but it’s confusing, and this confusion can lead to mistakes and problems down the road. It may be simpler for large corporations who have their own departments dedicated to new employee hiring and processing, but you need an outsourced, experienced team of immigration law professionals to take care of these challenges for you, and WTA has just what you need.

Immigration compliance requires diligent administration in the following areas:

  • I-9 forms processing
  • “No Match” letter responses and compliance
  • E-Verify program management
  • Updates on changes to immigration rules
  • Expiry date monitoring service
  • Recruiting assistance
  • Employee public inspection files

Why Should a PEO Manage Your Immigration Compliance

As if the normal procedure of hiring a new employee did not provide enough steps and challenges, hiring a non-U.S. citizen can be extremely difficult without the proper knowledge. Still, you know talent when you see it, and when a prospective employee requires immigration paperwork processing, you consider it a small hurdle in the grand scheme of how he or she will contribute to your company’s success.

However, without valid employee eligibility verification, your company could face massive financial penalties, and your business reputation would take a severe hit. Whether the issue at hand is processing a work visa or obtaining the documentation needed to present to the relevant authorities, immigration employee management can result in hours spent on the telephone figuring out the process with federal and foreign offices. You could better use that time elsewhere.

You also don’t have the time to stay up to date on the changes in immigration law, which are always being revised. You are not an immigration lawyer, and that’s OK ― we have the professionals on staff who can take care of the details and provide the information you need to move forward safely and legally.

Don’t go it alone and risk your company’s future. Our expert and knowledgeable staff can handle your immigration compliance requirements so you can focus on managing your business. We are up to date on all the federal and state regulations, ensuring that our clients are not only in full compliance ― which saves time and valuable resources ― but most importantly, that they avoid criminal penalties and embarrassing civil fines. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can assist you in this vital and ever-changing area of human resources management.