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HR Services for Small Businesses

HR servicesAre you the owner of a small business? Have you considered how helpful it could be to outsource your human resources needs to another company? WTA provides HR services to small businesses in Salt Lake

Should I Hire a Payroll Service?

payroll service in Salt Lake CityAs a Salt Lake City small-business owner, you may ask yourself, "Should I hire a payroll service?" This decision can make a big impact on not just small businesses, but also medium and large companies

Why SLC Businesses Should Always Require Job Applications

SLC businesses job applicationsNearly all of us have filled out a job application at some point in our lives, but for certain industries or companies, recruiters or hiring managers may wonder whether requiring applications is reall

COVID-19 Vaccine and Employers: EEOC and State Laws

COVID-19 vaccine employers EEOCIn part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how employers should be navigating the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine landscape. Specifically, can employers require the COVID-19 vacci

COVID-19 Vaccine and Employers: Requirements and Laws

covid-19 vaccine employers lawsFor all of us around the world, recent positive developments regarding the COVID-19 vaccine are fantastic news, signaling our best method yet for fighting this disease. At the same time, employers and