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Understanding Overtime, Exemptions and the FLSA

understanding overtime exemptions FLSAWithin the realm of human resources for business, one of the single most important areas is payroll services. And within this broad area, a factor that’s seen some recent changes relates to hourly e

HR Tips for Managing Remote Work Situations, Part 2

HR remote work situationsIn part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some general tips on how businesses and HR teams can manage remote work situations during the COVID-19 outbreak. Many workplaces remain primarily

HR Tips for Managing Remote Work Situations, Part 1

During the recent COVID-19 outbreak that’s swept the globe, numerous businesses have transitioned partially or fully to remote work. Telework is not a new theme, one that many companies have taken

Comparing Layoffs, Furloughs and Reductions in Force

layoffs furloughs reductions force One unfortunate reality of the COVID-19 outbreak around the country and the world, among many, is the loss of or change in employment for millions. Due to stay-at-home orders that have impacted numer

Don’t Make These Common Small Business Payroll Mistakes (Part 2)

Small businesses often make payroll mistakes that can cost your business a lot. In part 1 of this post we covered two of the most common mistakes that employers make when it comes to payroll: improperly classifying employees as 1099 contract workers (and not withholding or payin