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Employee Retention: How a PEO Helps You Keep Valued Staff 

Employee Retention: How a PEO Helps You Keep Valued Staff High employee retention is the goal for many business owners. Once you spend your time and energy training a staff member, you don’t want to see a resignation letter. You want a commitment from y

How a PEO Helps You Navigate Tax Reform

Helps you navigate tax reformUsing a PEO means your business doesn’t have to do everything on its own. Think about it — from establishing a vision for growth to completing the day-to-day tasks and product or servi

Top 5 Benefits of a PEO That Help Grow Your Business 

benefits of a PEO to help grow your businessThe benefits of a PEO are wide-ranging. Joining a professional employment organization can help you meet growth goals and revenue targets. In today’s marketplace, businesses need to explore

5 Tips to Lower Workers’ Compensation Costs    

5 Tips to Lower Workers’ Compensation Costs    Lowering worker’s compensation costs is an effective way to minimize operating expenses and free up more cash flow to reinvest into your business, but it takes planning to meet this goal. Lowering

Paid Sick Leave: What Employers Need to Know

Paid Sick LeaveWhat are the requirements for providing paid sick leave according to state and federal law? This is one of the most important questions any employer can ask. Never deny an employee’s reques