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Contingent Workers: Basics and Common Benefits to Businesses

contingent workers benefits businessesRecruiting has always been a challenging aspect of human resources for many companies, and especially so with changing societal circumstances the last couple years. One group that's proven quite valua

Workforce and Staffing Plan: Setting Up a Plan for SLC Businesses

workforce staffing planIn part one of this two-part blog series, we discussed the basics on a workforce and staffing plan within the world of human resources. This is often an important approach taken by those in the recrui

Workforce and Staffing Plan: Basics and Hiring Benefits

workforce staffing plan hiringCompanies are always looking for ways to save time and resources during the recruitment process, and there are several techniques that may be used for this purpose. One specific method that's well-use

Our PEO Helps You Recruit Top Team Members

hiring new employeesToday more than ever, it’s getting difficult to find good candidates to fill your open positions. The labor market is definitely shifting, and you need a plan to survive. WTA, a top PEO in Salt Lake

Get Help with Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

workers compensation claims managementA workers’ compensation issue can throw your small business into a tailspin. You have to have workers’ compensation insurance — it’s the law. But when claims get complicated, dealing with them