Our PEO Helps You Recruit Top Team Members

Today more than ever, it’s getting difficult to find good candidates to fill your open positions. The labor market is definitely shifting, and you need a plan to survive. WTA, a top PEO in Salt Lake City, can help you find, hire and retain the kind of employees you’re looking for.

hiring new employees

Outsourcing HR Services in SLC

Small and medium-sized businesses often don’t have the budget — or even the need — for a full-time HR department. At the same time, assigning HR tasks to your employees doesn’t always work either.

Many employees resent being given tasks to do that are not part of their job description. Worse, they may be unqualified to do the work. You may wish you could do it yourself, but the more time you spend on HR tasks, the less time you have to run your business.

Get the best of both worlds with human resources services from WTA in Salt Lake City.

Hiring New Employees

One of the services our PEO in Salt Lake City offers is help recruitment and hiring. While it’s true that a new hire is a personal decision often made by the owner or CEO of the company, there are many steps to go through before the hiring stage, and WTA helps with all of them.

When you’re looking to hire, you must:

  • Write a job description: It’s important to include all relevant details of the job without overwhelming applicants by making it too long. You also want to be clear about the duties and try to stay away from rhetoric and corporate jargon. If prospective candidates can’t understand your posting, you may end up with all the applications you don’t want and none that you do. We work with you to draft a foolproof job description.
  • Sift through resumes: When we work with clients who get hundreds of applications for a single position, we often use software to narrow the field. This software looks for certain words on resumes and cover letters to identify the most qualified candidates.
  • Compile a list of viable applicants: At this point, we give you the list of candidates whose skills we believe most closely match your job description. You review the resumes and cover letters and toss out the ones you don’t like.
  • Set up interviews: This is a time-consuming process you’ll be happy to be rid of. Oftentimes when you contact a candidate for an interview, they are no longer interested in the position, so there is a lot of work involved in scheduling only a few candidates.
  • Extend an offer: If you conducted many interviews, you might want to have callbacks for two or three candidates. If not, now is the time to extend your offer.
  • Do a background check: Once your prospective employee accepts the offer, WTA does background checks to ensure your new hire is safe and trustworthy.

WTA not only frees up a lot of your time with our HR services, but you also get the benefit of our experience. We have operated as a PEO in Salt Lake City for many years, and our clients appreciate our expertise and efficiency.

When you need help with new hires, payroll services or PEO employee benefits management, contact the team at WTA. We provide the best human resources services in Salt Lake City.