Outsourced Payroll Services and Tax Administration

Payroll administration is much more than simply writing checks. Between meeting employee expectations and legal requirements, payroll administration is one of human resources’ most extensive responsibilities, and the one area where small business owners face the most challenges. At WTA, we offer a broad range of outsourced payroll services to our clients:

  • Paychecks and paystub administration
  • Direct deposit to multiple bank accounts
  • Payroll delivery
  • Payroll checks drawn on WTA accounts
  • Section 125 pre-tax administration
  • Payroll deductions, garnishments and levies
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Federal and state payroll tax deposits and returns
  • FICA, FIT and SIT tax withholdings
  • Customized reports
  • Job cost accounting and cost allocation reports
  • FICA, FUTA and SUTA quarterly reports
  • New hire reporting
  • Federal payroll summaries
  • Production and delivery of W-2s
  • Wage/hour law compliance
  • Paid leave program management
  • Vacation and sick time accruals
  • Department summaries
  • Coordination for multiple worksites

Developing a System for Outsourced Payroll Services & Tax Administration Management

As you can see from the extensive list of tasks involved with managing payroll, it’s not a simple process. You may end up feeling like most of your time is spent paying your employees. Learning the facts and skills, and developing a system for payroll management that works is time-consuming. Still, even if you have been able to keep up with this responsibility so far, most likely you have sometimes wished for a break or advice, or wished you could return to focusing on what you’re good at instead of paperwork. Your main talent is the service or product your business provides.

It’s not only paychecks you have to worry about when managing payroll. Endless withholdings, deductions and other accounting challenges also can present major obstacles if you do not have the training. Don’t spend hours trying to educate yourself just so you can do an adequate job ― hand over the entire payroll management process to a professional. You will save time while experts produce error-free reports for your employees, the government and your business.

While you are responsible for the accuracy and timeliness of payments to your employees and reports to the government, payroll management should not be the main task of any small business owner. You should be in charge of company operations and strategy executions. How can you increase profits and encourage growth? These are questions you can focus on when you let WTA take care of payroll, tax reporting and all the stresses and demands that go along with these tasks.