Benefits of Outsourcing HR: Access, Compliance, Safety

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on why it pays for many businesses to outsource their human resource (HR) needs to outside professionals. Doing so has several major areas of value, and it should be strongly considered among not just large businesses, but also medium and small ones as well.

At WTA Inc., we’re proud to offer numerous HR services to clients around Salt Lake City, including outsourced payroll services, recruitment and hiring, and more. Today’s part two of our series will look at some other key benefits of outsourcing HR to professionals like ours.

benefits outsourcing HR compliance

Quality Benefits Access and Administration

Benefits are a huge part of many HR departments, and ensuring that employees are always getting the best quality benefits can require lots of administrative hassle. By outsourcing your benefits to a professional firm, you get access to their expertise in analyzing and administering employee benefit packages from various providers at much lower costs than maintaining an internal department.

This not only helps ensure better compliance across all areas, but it also makes sure that the benefits packages you offer always remain competitive and attractive in the local job market.

Timely Compliance with Regulations

HR is a field of administration that comes with lots of red tape, since most businesses operate across multiple states or countries, each with their own laws and regulations for hiring, payroll, and other HR-related matters. By outsourcing your HR needs to a professional, you get access to a team of experienced compliance and legal professionals who can help ensure your business is always compliant with all regulations in the areas it operates in.

Timely compliance with laws and regulations is crucial for avoiding fines or other penalties from government agencies, so this benefit should not be overlooked when considering whether to outsource your HR needs or not.

Workplace Safety and Risk Management

Another major benefit of outsourcing your HR needs to professionals is the expertise they bring in workplace safety and risk management. They can help you create a culture of safety and implement policies that protect both your employees and your business from any unexpected accidents or incidents in the workplace.

In addition, professional services can also help you analyze potential risks associated with different areas of operations and develop strategies to mitigate or avoid them altogether. This benefit can be especially valuable when there are potential risks associated with a particular project or the industry you operate in.

By outsourcing your HR needs, you get access to a team of experienced professionals who can help ensure your business is always operating smoothly and compliantly, while also helping protect both employees and the business from risks and liabilities.

And at WTA Inc., we’re proud to offer all of these and more. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business!