Employee Retention: How a PEO Helps You Keep Valued Staff 

High employee retention is the goal for many business owners. Once you spend your time and energy training a staff member, you don’t want to see a resignation letter. You want a commitment from your employees and you want them to stick around to help you grow your company according to your vision. But do your employees want the same thing?

Employee Retention: How a PEO Helps You Keep Valued Staff 

What Do Employees Want?

Now more than ever, employees are concerned about personal development. Millennials are the largest living generation, and they care much more about opportunities for growth at work than both Gen-X and Baby Boomer generations. They are looking for quality management and interesting work, but they score much higher than previous generations when asked about opportunity for advancement.

As a business owner, it’s up to you to foster an environment where your employees feel like they belong. There are four key ways you can do this with the help of a PEO.

1. Choose the Right Employees

When your business has a need, it’s tempting to hire the first individual you can find with the requirements you’ve laid out. If they seem capable, why not add them to the payroll?

Don’t hire carelessly! This is one of the biggest reasons businesses see high employee turnover. If your goal is employee retention, the hiring process should be in-depth, detailed and selective. You don’t want just anyone — you want the right employee for the long-term. PEOs help businesses with this screening process, saving time and expediting the result: a new team member you can rely on.

2. Train Them the Right Way

Training is another area where, if done incorrectly, could cost you an employee. If you want your employees to be confident and secure, they need to be prepared. A PEO can take the lead with orientation and ongoing training and help get your new hires integrated quickly.

3. Offer Your Employees the Complete Package

While money alone may not always be the determining factor on whether an employee chooses to leave your organization for another, it’s one of them. But more than just salary, it’s benefits they will take into consideration.

Contracting with a PEO levels the playing field for your business. Alone, it might be too expensive for you to offer exceptional health care. But by using our services, you can afford a benefits package that will keep your job offers competitive and attractive to top talent.

4. Run Your Business More Efficiently

Finally, a PEO saves you time, which is essential to the company’s overall success. When you can focus on running your business instead of handling everyday tasks like payroll, you can continue to pursue your company’s vision without distractions.

WTA Inc. Can Help Your Business

Right now, do you wear all the hats? Are you the human resources manager, partner and manager? Do you find yourself prioritizing one of these responsibilities over the others, to your business’ detriment?

If you are seeing high employee turnover, it’s key to find out why. In many cases, contracting with a PEO is the first step toward improving employee retention. WTA Inc. can help you hire the best employees and train them properly so your staff will be your greatest asset.