Get Help with Workers’ Compensation Claims Management

A workers’ compensation issue can throw your small business into a tailspin. You have to have workers’ compensation insurance — it’s the law. But when claims get complicated, dealing with them — and your lawyers — can take up many hours of your time. Designate this job to the professionals at WTA. We’re the experts to turn to in Salt Lake City when you need help with workers compensation claims management.

Workers’ compensation is paid to workers who are injured on the job. Workers’ comp will usually pay for your employee’s medical bills related to their injury as well as lost time from work. While workers’ comp is a type of insurance that you pay for — partly so that these costs don’t come out of your own pocket — it’s still best to try to avoid having to deal with any worker’s compensation claims.

workers compensation claims management

Most Common Workers’ Comp Claims

The top five workers’ compensation claims are (in order): strains and sprains, cuts and punctures, contusions (bruises), inflammation and fractures. These are medical diagnoses and do not refer to how the employees suffered these injuries. However, the top professions that see the most workers’ comp claims are laborers, truck drivers and nursing assistants.

While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration sets rules for workplace safety, accidents can happen even when workers follow these rules carefully.

Further, each workplace is different, and your physical plant or office may have risks or dangers present that others’ do not. Ask your local chapter of the Small Business Administration if they have recommendations for experts who can do a walkthrough of your premises with you to make suggestions for improving safety. This can help cut down on workers’ compensation claims at your Salt Lake City business.

What to Do When You Get a Workers’ Comp Claim

Workers compensation claims management is a highly specialized field. Those who deal with workers’ comp claims must thoroughly understand federal, state and local laws, including OSHA, labor law and laws pertaining to your particular industry.

Without the proper knowledge, your company may make an error on a workers’ comp claim that may cause the government to impose fines on you. Even in the case of routine or standard claims, you must keep a close eye on workers compensation claims management to ensure bills are being paid on time and in full, and that you are not erroneously paying for bills or services that are not related to the claim.

The best thing to do when you get a claim is to enlist the help of professionals experienced in workers compensation claims management in Salt Lake City. WTA has helped hundreds of small businesses deal with workers’ compensation claims. We save you both time and money. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your Salt Lake City business with workers compensation claims management, or with one of our many other services for small-business owners.