Hire a PEO —Your Employees Will Thank You

Hiring a PEO is the ideal solution when you’re behind on paperwork, your business is booming and you’re no longer capable of running your one-person HR department. You know it and your employees will soon know it: Hiring a PEO will improve business operations and work life for everyone involved.

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Your employees will thank you for hiring a PEO. Why? Five main reasons.

1. They Will Get Paid on Time

Payroll is one of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks an employer has to manage. When you had only a handful of employees, things were much simpler. Now, it’s almost impossible to get all the paperwork in order by the close of each pay period, but you have to, or else you will have unhappy employees on your hands.

Don’t delay payroll another day. Hiring a PEO takes the weight of this responsibility off your shoulders, and your employees can confidently depend on the next payday.

2. They Enjoy Better Benefits

Many small businesses would love to provide an extensive benefits package to their talented employees, but the costs would put them under. In fact, it’s one of the biggest challenges small businesses face when it comes to attracting and maintaining top talent.

A well-rounded benefits package encourages loyalty and hard work from your staff. It’s an invaluable asset and can drastically reduce employee turnover. By hiring a PEO, you can access many benefits that would be impossible to offer on your own, and your employees will be satisfied and happy.

3. They Get Their Questions Answered

A PEO can track all your employees’ sick and personal days. All insurance benefits are understood and administered.

When your employee comes to you with a burning question about how many more vacation days they have, or who to contact for a medical claim, you don’t have to take the time to research the answer. Just refer them to your expert PEO team.

4. Their Claims and Complaints Are Managed Expertly

Filing discrimination, harassment or worker’s compensation claims can be a stressful experience for an employee. With a PEO team on retainer, employees will have their cases managed and their concerns addressed by a practiced, trained expert.

Your employees’ best interests are a priority, and your PEO will take care of all the details.

5. They Can See a Future at Your Company

Best of all, the total benefits your employees see after you hire a PEO helps them picture themselves working at your company for a long time. You’re making a financially sound decision that will keep your business afloat and help provide job security to your dedicated employees.

When hiring a PEO, look no further than WTA, Inc. We provide tailored PEO service packages to help your business thrive and reach its long-term goals. Contact us today to learn more.