How Safety Training Can Save Your Business

Safety training is essential to the success of your business, regardless of industry or company size. In fact, safety training sometimes means the difference between failure and success — it keeps employees engaged and prepared and saves thousands of dollars.

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If you’re looking for a way to safeguard your business and your livelihood, safety training should be at the top of your list.

Your Employees Will Feel Valued

First of all, when your employees are actively involved in ongoing safety training, they’re well-prepared to handle the demands of their responsibilities. And when they see that the leadership is taking the time and investing the money into keeping them well-prepared, they notice.

An employee who feels valued will stay loyal to the business. You will spend less time recruiting new employees. A low turnover rate automatically translates to cost savings. Also, an experienced, trained staff helps facilitate business expansion. With a supportive, solid team on your side, you and your employees can reach your next goal much faster.

You Will Avoid a Fine

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently raised their fines by 78 percent to account for inflation. The last time they raised their fines was in 1990. Fines will continue to increase to stay in line with inflation.

OSHA can fine any business that does not have a written health and safety program and does not consistently provide training based on all risks and hazards in the work environment. If you are unable to document an in-depth safety training program, OSHA can issue a hefty fine. For a small business or startup, these fines can be disastrous.
You Will Avoid a Lawsuit

If an employee is hurt on the job and can prove they didn’t have the right safety training, you might face a lawsuit. The expenses associated with a workers’ compensation lawsuit can mount quickly, dwarfing the cost of fines.

Your Premiums May Go Down

On the other hand, investing in a training program can make for financial advantages. Many insurance companies offer discounts to companies with little to no workers’ compensation claims on record, and an effective training program in place.

Safety Training Isn’t a One-Time Event

It’s important to note that one company-wide training session won’t do. Employees need ongoing education on how to prevent injury, increase productivity and work effectively.

Designing a complete education program that reflects the needs of your employees and identifying risks in your company’s workplace is a time-consuming effort. Let WTA, Inc., help.

We provide comprehensive risk-management services that include constructing a well-rounded safety training program that keeps your employees informed and prepared. We identify the gaps in your current training program and get you into compliance with all regulations. We can also build a new program from the ground up. Call WTA, Inc., today to learn more.