How to Present Effective Employee Training Programs

Employee training programs are critical for getting (and keeping) your staff up to speed on essential skills and knowledge.

Whether you need to present a training program for compliance purposes, to improve performance, or to impart skills needed for a new work tool or program, getting the message across effectively is harder than it looks. This challenge is compounded by the fact that most employees dread training, often viewing it as little more than an interruption to their workflow, rather than embracing the potential benefits.

Presenting effective training programs requires careful design and engaging presentation. For most employers – especially small to medium sized businesses – seeking professional assistance is the best way to improve training outcomes.

Human resources consultant

Design Employee Training to Match Goals

Start by identifying three to five major goals that you want training to achieve. What do you want the outcome of the program to be? What points are you attempting to get across to your team? How does the program benefit the trainees? Does it make their life better in some way or help improve the performance of the organization?

Use these main points to guide the design of the program. Ensure that whoever is presenting the training circles back to these goals and refers to them often. This will help reinforce the purpose of the program.

Engage Attendees to Make an Impression

Unless you want your trainees to sleep (literally or figuratively) through the program, you have to capture their attention and hold it.

This does not mean that you need a professional entertainer or comedic genius to present the program. On the other hand, however, sitting still and listening to someone drone on monotonously will challenge the most dedicated members of your team to stay focused and learn.

Getting attendees up and moving is important to. If you don’t plan to include breakout sessions or interactive exercises, take frequent breaks. Building in frequent question-and-answer periods is another way to keep attendees engaged.

Consider Seeking Help from an Expert

Designing and delivering effective employee training programs is truly part art and part science. Having an expert assist you in the preparation of training programs is a great way to improve the experience and the outcomes.

Likewise, a human resources or training consultant can advise you on the best way to present your training programs and engage your team. Making your programs fun, educational and interesting will also help raise their interest and enthusiasm levels for future programs as well.

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