Office Perks Won’t Attract Top Talent, But These Job Benefits Will

Looking to attract top talent? You aren’t alone.

Businesses large and small that are focused on growth know that their success hinges on the individual abilities of each employee. Effective teams are built of skilled workers, and that translates to company-wide accomplishments in every industry.

attract top talent

You can offer all the free coffee and doughnuts your target hires want, but unless you have the right comprehensive benefits package, your competition could intercept your ideal candidate. After all, 78 percent of workers make job offer decisions based in part on the benefits package.

You must offer the five most important job benefits to attract top talent, according to a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review.

Better Health, Dental and Vision Coverage

Eighty-eight percent of survey respondents want better health, dental and vision insurance. This benefit is the most expensive for the employer, costing an average of $6,435 per employee or $18,142 per family annually.

Take a close look at your insurance package. Are your employees paying high out-of-pocket charges to get the care they need? Could you update your health care benefits to ease the burden and add to your company’s draw?

Flexible Work Hours and Extra Vacation Time

Eighty-eight percent of survey respondents also want flexible work hours, though it was less important to respondents than health benefits.

Additionally, 80 percent of respondents reported they would love more vacation time. Giving your employees more control over when they work and giving them more breaks is a recipe for success. When they have time to decompress away from the office, they perform better, which benefits your company.

Remote Work Possibilities

Remote work is high on the “want” list for employees. It cuts down on the time spent commuting and allows them to work in a more comfortable environment. It means they can be available at varied times during the day, potentially outside of traditional office hours (which can be a plus for you). To many adults, working from home is an essential part of achieving the ever-elusive work/life balance everyone craves.

Educational Assistance

When you offer student loan and tuition assistance, your workers see that you support them financially and professionally. You want them to be able to pay off debt, set new goals and reach them.

Paid Family Leave

Finally, make sure your benefits package is designed to attract top talent from one specific demographic: parents. Paid family leave encourages retention and helps establish strong company values, which can have a major impact on your workplace’s culture.

Are you struggling to provide all these benefits on your own? Your business would likely do better with the services of a PEO. Find out how WTA, Inc., can help you attract top talent by revamping your benefits package affordably and realistically. Give us a call today!