Outsourcing Human Resource Services: Pros & Cons

Have you considered outsourcing human resource services for your business? If so, you may already recognize the many benefits that an HR partner can provide. However, if you haven’t explored this option, you may be missing out on an opportunity to grow your business and improve your bottom line.


A quick review of the pros and cons of letting an experienced professional handle your payroll, benefits and other HR services will help you determine whether this may be a beneficial step for your business.

outsourcing human resources

The Benefits of Outsourcing Human Resource Services


Although outsourcing the HR functions of your company can provide many benefits, the most important advantages are cost savings, better employee benefits, reduced risk and liability, improved productivity and the ability to attract and retain top talent.


Business owners appreciate these benefits because they are measurable and concrete. However, consider the less quantifiable advantages that come with taking this burden off the shoulders of your own staff. You will free up valuable resources – human and economic – to use for growing your business and improving focus.


The Downside of Outsourcing HR Functions


Although few, using an outside service to handle your HR functions can pose some risks.


The biggest challenge most companies experience is concern from your staff. Employees traditionally fear change and, when changes concern their paychecks and benefits, the chatter can reach a fever-pitch. They may fear having their privacy breached or having an outside source have control over their job duties, performance evaluations or even their future with the company.


Fortunately, these challenges are easily addressed if you choose the right company to handle your human resources services. When handled correctly, your HR consultant can provide the information, resources and reassurance your employees need to adapt. In fact, choose the right HR partner and your team will quickly recognize the many benefits they will gain.


Who Can You Trust with Your Outsourced Human Resources?


You have many choices for outsourcing your payroll, benefits and other HR services. However, if you’re going to take this leap of faith, you need a true partner who can handle all aspects of this important business function.


A professional employee organization (PEO) specializes in handling every detail of your human resources, including recruiting, workers’ comp administration, payroll, regulatory and government compliance, employee benefits administration, risk management and more.


By outsourcing the HR components of your business, your small company can provide world-class benefits and services to your employees. At the same time, you save money, reduce your liability and free your company’s resources to focus on more lucrative priorities.


In Utah and Nevada, WTA Inc. provides PEO services to business owners who recognize the clear benefits of these services. Not only will we take on all the risk and responsibility associated with HR but, for most clients, we can provide appreciable cost savings. Contact WTA Inc. today to learn more about the benefits of outsourcing human resource services with a PEO.