Paid Sick Leave: What Employers Need to Know

What are the requirements for providing paid sick leave according to state and federal law?

Paid Sick Leave

This is one of the most important questions any employer can ask. Never deny an employee’s request for paid sick leave until you are certain you are not obligated to provide that benefit. Otherwise, you could find yourself liable under federal or state employment law.

Protected Leave Laws

Currently, eight states and a long list of major cities have passed paid sick leave laws. Though Utah and Salt Lake City are not on the list, many employers in the state offer paid sick leave as a benefit, as it increases job retention and satisfaction.

Check Company Handbook and Job Offers

As a Utah employer, you are not obligated to include this benefit in employee compensation packages, but if you promise it to an employee, you could create a legal obligation you are required to fulfill.

For example, if you include it as a job benefit in your employee handbook or in a written job offer, you may then be required to supply this benefit. Make sure you regularly review employee handbooks to ensure policies are accurate.

Understanding the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

If your business has at least 50 employees, you are required to provide eligible employees with 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year for illness, caregiving or bonding with a new child. Though this time is not obligated to be paid, you are required to continue their group health care benefits throughout their leave.

In the case of the FMLA, an illness is defined as a condition that requires an overnight stay in a hospital, residential care facility or hospice. Employees have the right to be reinstated after their protected leave has concluded.

Wage and Hour Laws

Be fully aware of all Utah wage and hour laws. You can set up an appointment with our team to make sure your business is in full compliance. We can also provide guidance on the intricacies of monitoring and implementing paid leave programs.

When You Need Benefits Management

If your company does offer this benefit (and more), how do you track it? Do you keep records of how many hours each employee accrues? Are you tired of the paperwork headache?

We can help. Employee benefits management and administration is a key area of our business services. As a local Utah business, our team at WTA, Inc. knows what you go through as a managing officer and we also know what we can do to take the pressure off you from month to month. Contact us today for a free quote on our employee benefits and administration services, including paid sick leave tracking.