Resolve to Learn More About PEO Services this Year

If you aren’t currently using PEO services – or if you aren’t familiar with the many advantages provided by professional employer organizations – resolve to explore the possibilities in 2019.

WTA, Inc. provides a full range of human resources-related services to small and medium-sized businesses in Utah and Nevada. We think that, once you learn more about the many clear advantages we offer, this might just be the year you make the move to working with a PEO.

learn about PEO services

What Types of PEO Services Are Available?

PEOs are set up to handle every aspect of your human resources, including:

  • Payroll and tax administration
  • Recruiting and hiring
  • Employee benefits administration
  • Workers’ compensation administration
  • Risk management
  • Regulatory and governmental compliance
  • Immigration compliance
  • Employer liability management

The difference between a PEO and a payroll service is that, when you work with a PEO like WTA, Inc., we become the employer of record for your staff. You retain control of their job description, day-to-day activities, performance reviews, etc., while we take over the legal liability and risk.

What Are the Advantages of Using PEO Services?

Although you’ll enjoy a variety of advantages when using the services of a PEO, these are some of the highlights.

Improved Employee Benefits

Using the resource-pooling power of a PEO, you’ll be able to improve the quality of your employee benefits without incurring extra cost. This helps you both attract and retain top talent. Turnover goes down for most companies who use a PEO, by about 14 percent on average.

Reduced Legal Liability

By ensuring that your company is in compliance on all relevant issues, and by handling all your payroll tax filing and remittance, our services help to reduce your human resources-related legal liability.

Faster Business Growth

Instead of spending time and effort on HR-related tasks, compliance, etc., you and your team can get back to what you’re supposed to be doing – growing your business. In fact, the research proves that companies that use a PEO grow, on average, 7 to 9 percent faster than those businesses who do not and are 50 percent less likely to go out of business.

Choosing the Right PEO for Your Business

To get the most out of your professional employer organization relationship, choose a PEO partner that shares your vision for the future growth and profitability of your company. Look for a company that is passionate about taking care of your valued employees and protecting you from the many HR-related risks that about in today’s litigious climate.

At WTA, Inc., we have more than a century of combined experience in the industry. We are a locally owned and operated company just like yours, and we understand how to help you succeed.

WTA Inc., serving clients throughout Nevada and Utah, offers all types of PEO and payroll services. We can handle all of your human resources administration or any portion that you prefer. Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to showing you how you reduce costs, reduce legal liability and grow your business more successfully when you use the WTA Inc. PEO services.