What Can PEO Services Offer Your Small Business?

PEO services are invaluable for small businesses. A professional employer organization allows you to focus more on running your company and less on the minute details that only serve to take up room in your daily schedule.

PEO Services

On average, membership in a PEO makes it 50 percent less likely that a small business will fail. The owner is more focused, the employees are happier and business just gets better.

Improve Your Benefits Package

The first way PEO services can transform your business is by widening the scope of the benefits package your company offers. By pooling the partnered employees, PEOs are able to score a better rate on health, dental and vision.

From 401(k) plans to life insurance options to flexible spending accounts, membership in a PEO allows you to offer more to your employees for the same or less than you already pay.

Compliant HR Training and Manuals for Employees

Think of your PEO as your outsourced human resources department. They take care of the training that your employees need but that you don’t have time to manage. They will produce and provide the company manual and answer all employee questions throughout the training process.

Much Less Time Spent on Paperwork

Payroll processing alone can eat up a large chunk of your day and your week. And you have to dedicate this time to payroll every pay period. Wouldn’t it be nice to have this task off your list of things to do?

Claims Are Handled with Ease

You probably don’t know the first step of processing a discrimination or a worker’s compensation claim, but PEO services do. You can rest assured that your employees’ concerns and injuries will be addressed in a timely, lawful manner.

Managed Recruitment and Hiring

PEO services even can recruit new employees for you. You may not know how to properly and legally word the ad’s job description, but you can trust your PEO to do it perfectly. You can off-load as much responsibility as you’d like them to take on during the hiring process — they can run the interview and report back to you on matching candidates.

Tax Time Is Less of a Headache

It’s a full-time job to stay on top of ever-changing tax laws. Ensure you are on track for withholding and make sure all immigration paperwork is filed correctly when you trust a PEO to take on this task.

Set Up an Employee Review Process

Your employees will love that you’re now depending on PEO services for many reasons, but one of the top ones will probably be that they get regular, detailed reviews. Your employees want to know that if they work hard and improve, they will be recognized and rewarded. With the help of your PEO, you can set up a review process that your employees will appreciate.

Trust WTA, Inc., for comprehensive PEO services to fit the needs of your small business, and see a big difference right away.