Why SLC Businesses Should Always Require Job Applications

Nearly all of us have filled out a job application at some point in our lives, but for certain industries or companies, recruiters or hiring managers may wonder whether requiring applications is really necessary. Even if you’re in a unique industry or operate differently from a normal company, however, we’re here to lend you a major tip: Job applications are beneficial for several reasons, and you should almost never consider eschewing them for any reason.

At WTA Inc., we happily assist numerous clients with recruitment and hiring solutions, along with numerous other HR services in Salt Lake City. We’ve been asked plenty about certain scenarios where avoiding job applications or simply not requiring them for an open position is a viable option – generally speaking, unless there’s some sort of planned internal promotion taking place here, this is not the way to go. This two-part blog series will look at all the different ways job applications benefit not only the applicant, but also the company doing the hiring.

SLC businesses job applications

Keeps You Organized

For starters, many processes companies take to fill their open positions will involve seeing a large number of applicants – and job applications are an ideal initial way to separate them into various bins based on qualifications, years of experience, education and more. Having the ability to quickly look up and reference this information for all your applicants will make numerous parts of this search simpler and easier.

In fact, many hiring managers have begun requiring job applications in an online format as a way of standardizing their internal records. With basic hiring software, this method allows even simpler computerized tracking of all your applicants and their qualities, plus the ability to make notes for each candidate during the process.

Limits Bias, Encourages Diversity

By requiring all job applicants to complete the same application with the same information on it, employers help themselves encourage diversity while also being compliant with equal opportunity employment laws. If you use only resumes, or if you go only by word of mouth or references, you risk unconscious bias in the hiring process that will not only damage your ability to find the best candidates, but also often break laws.

Limiting Liability

In addition, a job application signed by the applicant becomes a legal document that gives the employer recourse later on if it’s found the applicant (or employee, if hired) falsified any information. In other situations, this application can be used as consent for background checks or employment verification. On top of this, you also limit your risk of discrimination claims by emphasizing key at-will and equal employment policies on the application itself.

For more on why it pays to require job applications for all open positions regardless of circumstance, or to learn about any of our human resources or other services in Salt Lake City, speak to the staff at WTA Inc. today.