Workplace Wellness Programs Keep Your Team Happier and Healthier

Workplace wellness programs are great perks for your team. When employers support employee health, employees are happier and more fulfilled. But from an employer’s standpoint, what are the main benefits of instituting workplace wellness programs?

Workplace Wellness Programs Keep Your Team Happier and Healthier

Reduces Health Care Costs

The main cause of high health care costs is chronic health conditions. While some illnesses might be genetic or unavoidable, employers may be able to lower health care costs by helping employees establish a healthier lifestyle. Workplace wellness can be an investment in itself, allowing companies to reap benefits other than saving money on health care.

Builds a Health-Focused Culture

Company culture is the atmosphere in the office that makes employees either love or hate coming to work every day.

When your employees are in the middle of a weight loss challenge or want to make sure they don’t miss the company softball playoffs, they’re fully participating and engaging in their workplace with their co-workers. It helps build a company’s culture around what matters: relationships and self-care!

Boosts Productivity

A healthier employee is more focused and therefore more productive. Studies show that employees who participate in wellness programs are also 45 percent more likely to adapt to change than other employees.

If you want a responsive, adaptable team, give them an opportunity to engage in bettering their physical and mental health in the workplace!

Give Them What They Want!

Workplace wellness isn’t just a marketing tactic to get new people in the door. Your employees really want it! Up to 39 percent of employees want a free gym membership. Thirty-three percent want free fitness or yoga classes and 22 percent want an onsite gym.

While more money and tuition assistance rank higher on the wants list, the bottom line is that a wellness program designed to meet employee needs is a usable, effective job perk.

Improve Retention

When you’ve created a team spirit like no other, employees know they’ll be hard-pressed to find the same at another workplace. Workplace wellness programs are worth the money because they show members of your team that they are cared for and valued. And when you’re able to retain top talent, your company is more productive, earns more profit and achieves another level of success.

At WTA, Inc., we are dedicated to helping your company succeed, and we know that implementing workplace wellness programs — the kind your employees want — will make a positive impact on your business. Talk to us today about how to style a benefits package to fit your employees’ lifestyles and hobbies!