5 Ways a PEO Can Up Your Hiring Game

If you run a small or medium-sized business, hiring and retaining high-quality employees can be a challenge. When you use the services of a PEO (professional employer organization), you can attract the level of talent that will propel you to success.

PEOs provide a suite of value-added services that few smaller businesses can afford on their own. And, in most cases, businesses can actually save money by outsourcing their human resources functions to a PEO.

So, how exactly can a professional employer organization help you up your hiring game?

Outsourcing recruiting and hiring

No. 1: PEOs Allow You to Offer Better Benefits

Great employees demand great benefits, including healthcare, disability and retirement options. Because PEOs oversee large pools of employees, you can offer your prospective talent a truly exceptional package of benefits without increasing your costs.

PEOs also handle all the administration of your benefits. This frees your staff up to handle other priorities while providing exceptional support and responsiveness for your staff.

No. 2: PEOs Are Experts at Recruiting

Sometimes the only way to recruit the best employees is having access to a network of industry insiders. You can pay a recruiter thousands of dollars for this privilege or you can use a PEO and enjoy these same benefits for no additional cost.

When you use a PEO to assist you with recruiting, you can rest assured that your job opportunities will get in front of the right candidates, even those who are especially well-qualified but not necessarily in the active job-seeking process.

No. 3: PEOs Do All the Legwork for Recruiting & Hiring

How much time is involved with posting job ads, fielding responses, answering questions, reading resumes, checking references and conducting interviews? Investing those countless hours each time you need to hire someone is especially taxing for smaller businesses who already have to run lean.

PEOs are set up to handle all of these tasks and more. You still get to make the final hiring decisions, but you save countless hours (and potentially thousands of dollars) when you let an expert take care of the preliminary steps of the process.

No. 4: PEOs Engage Employees with Onboarding & Training

Effective onboarding sets the stage for an engaged and productive employer/employee relationship, but it takes time and effort to get it right. PEOs handle all aspects of onboarding, which also ensures regulatory compliance.

Training is another important part of keeping your staff engaged and productive. Your PEO can handle all aspects of training for you, ensuring that your staff has the necessary tools to perform their roles.

No. 5: PEOs Provide Exceptional Employee Support

Retaining top talent is as important – if not more so – than the recruiting and hiring processes. PEOs provide a variety of services designed to keep your staff members satisfied. This encompasses everything from answering questions about benefits to coordinating vacation schedules and delivering paychecks.

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