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7 Tips on Handling Small-Business Payroll

small business payrollSmall-business payroll is one of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of small-business ownership. Paid employees are happy employees, but sending in payroll taxes on time is also critical.

Hire a PEO —Your Employees Will Thank You

hire a peo UtahHiring a PEO is the ideal solution when you’re behind on paperwork, your business is booming and you’re no longer capable of running your one-person HR department. You know it and your employees w

6 Steps to Choosing a PEO That Fits Your Business

choosing a PEOChoosing a PEO to take over essential business functions like payroll, hiring and employee benefits isn’t a small task — you’re trusting an outside team with important responsibilities. They mus

How Safety Training Can Save Your Business

workplace safety training UtahSafety training is essential to the success of your business, regardless of industry or company size. In fact, safety training sometimes means the difference between failure and success — it keeps e

Outsourced Human Resources Services Key for Startups

outsourced human resourcesOutsourced human resource services could mean the difference between failure and success for your young company. You’re an entrepreneur — you’re committed to learning and mastering the inform