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The Complex Issue of Sexual Harassment Claims in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplaceThe #MeToo movement has brought renewed attention to an issue that has been of serious concern to employers for decades: workplace sexual harassment. It has also provided the confidence that many empl

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Hiring Independent Contractors

Understanding the differences between independent contractors and employeesThe explosive growth of the so-called gig economy has many employers eager to explore the use of independent contractors. Although many companies – especially small to medium-sized businesses –

Human Resources & the Employee Handbook: Do You Have One?

Human resources and employee handbooksHuman resources is a topic that’s fraught with potential financial risk and legal liability for your business. Consequently, you must do everything you can to protect yourself and the company’s fu

Resolve to Learn More About PEO Services this Year

learn about PEO servicesIf you aren’t currently using PEO services – or if you aren’t familiar with the many advantages provided by professional employer organizations – resolve to explore the possibilities in 2019.

Outsourcing Human Resource Services: Pros & Cons

outsourcing human resourcesHave you considered outsourcing human resource services for your business? If so, you may already recognize the many benefits that an HR partner can provide. However, if you haven’t explored this op