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Why You Should Outsource Payroll Services for Your Small Business

Outsourcing your payroll to WTA, Inc. can have many benefits for small businesses. Ready to process payroll? If you’re like many small business owners, doing another payroll is about as much fun as plucking arm hairs out one by one. In addition to being time-consuming, though, pa

Important Payroll Tax Changes Coming in 2020

Stay updated on important payroll tax changes coming in January 2020.Every year come January 1 you can count on New Year’s resolutions (most of which will probably not work out) and IRS tax changes. Businesses need to know what these changes are to be able to calcula

Outsourcing HR to a PEO Provides Substantial Return on Investment

Business man writing outsourcingA recent report from the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) demonstrates the actual value of using PEO services. According to the NAPEO research, companies realize,

5 Tips for Sourcing Top Talent

How to hire the best employeesHiring and keeping great employees is becoming harder and harder to do in today’s economy. But, unless your company can attract top talent and keep them happy in their job roles, you will struggl

Outsourcing Human Resources Helps Ensure Compliance

Payroll service in UtahIn the realm of human resources, compliance issues are some of the most volatile, fraught with risk for the employer at every turn. Failure to remain compliant in your hiring, compensation, benefit