Employee Retention: Engaging Top Employees, Flexible Policies

There are a few top priorities out there among business owners, hiring managers and various HR staffers, and one that’s at or near the top of any such list is employee retention. Not only are companies looking to attract and hire top talent, they’re also looking to ensure that they’re able to hold onto that talent and maintain their staff as consistently as they can.

At WTA, Inc., we’re here to help. We offer a wide range of employer HR solutions, including recruitment and hiring plus several others that speak to long-term employee retention. In a general sense, what are some ways that companies can go about optimizing their retention capabilities? Let’s go over several in this two-part blog series.

employee retention engaging policies

Noting and Engaging Top Employees

For some reason, there’s sometimes an assumption among business owners and management staff that their most productive employees are already fully engaged in their roles. Their production is so high, after all, that many simply assume it’s because they’re fully invested in their position. The problem with that thinking, however, is that it could lead to a lack of appreciation for said employees’ efforts and hard work.

In order to optimize employee retention, companies need to take note of top employees and consistently engage them. This means recognizing and appreciating the contributions they are making to the company. In a general sense, that could mean offering them special perks like flexible schedules, bonus pay or even promotions before they actually become available.

Keep Your Policies Flexible

Generally speaking, the average employee prefers as much flexibility in their quest to complete their job duties as they can get. They may appreciate the ability to work remotely at times or use a flexible schedule that helps them avoid rush hour congestion and traffic. With so many employees in today’s workforce preferring flexibility and seeking it out, companies need to stay on top of this and keep their policies flexible whenever possible.

For instance, if you’re hiring a remote worker, they may want to work remotely at some point. They may want to take an entire week off or even come in on certain days. On the other hand, if you’re hiring a more traditional employee, they may prefer coming in on certain days and working remotely other times. Keeping all of your policies flexible can ensure that, regardless of who you’re hiring or how they want to work, you’ll be able to accommodate them as much as possible.

In part two of our series, we’ll go over some additional ways you should be thinking about engaging your employees to maintain high employee retention. For more on this, or to learn about any of our hiring or other human resource services, speak to our team at WTA, Inc. today.