HR Services for Small Businesses

Are you the owner of a small business? Have you considered how helpful it could be to outsource your human resources needs to another company? WTA provides HR services to small businesses in Salt Lake City and across the country. We offer a suite of human resources services from which you can pick and choose to suit your needs.

HR services

Payroll and Tax Administration

This is one of our most popular services. Most small businesses have employees, and paying them even twice a month takes precious time away from running your business.

Concentrate on growing your company, and leave the payroll and tax chores to the experts at WTA.

Workers’ Compensation Administration

Don’t wait until someone files a claim against you to set up workers’ compensation guidelines for your company. While some safety rules are mandated, you can create others to help mitigate accidents and claims at you company.

With our HR services, we help you set up a workers’ comp prevention plan, and we also help you deal with claims, should any arise.

Risk Management

Especially if you run a business that involves potential danger, such as roofing or farming, you need an appropriate risk management plan in place.

We help you develop safety manuals and videos, run safety training sessions and undertake other precautionary measures.

Immigration Compliance

With WTA, you won’t have to worry if your employees’ paperwork is in order. We take care of all documentation, visas and work permits so your company is never at risk for fines.

Recruitment and Hiring

Finding the right people to help run your company in Salt Lake City is a huge job. WTA can narrow down your options, saving you countless hours spent placing ads and reading resumes.

Employer Liability Management

Ensuring that your employees know the guidelines you have set up and that they follow them are the mainstays of liability management. Rely on WTA to get this job done for you.

Regulatory and Government Compliance

The sheer number of local, state and federal laws that pertain to running your company can seem overwhelming. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, but how could you possibly have the time to learn about all these rules? You don’t have to when you work with WTA, because we already know them.

Employee Benefits Administration

A good benefits package is a huge draw for quality employees. While there are plenty of pre-fab benefits packages available, you may prefer to design your own, unique to your company and situation. We can help you with that.

Best HR Services

As a small-business owner in Salt lake City, your job is to manage your company so that it remains profitable and has an opportunity to grow. It’s hard to do this if you spend hours every week on human resources tasks. Plus, your expertise lies elsewhere. When you depend on WTA for HR services, you’ll never have to worry — you know you will be in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Contact us today to learn more about how our HR services can help your small business.