Should I Hire a Payroll Service?

As a Salt Lake City small-business owner, you may ask yourself, “Should I hire a payroll service?” This decision can make a big impact on not just small businesses, but also medium and large companies as well. When you work with WTA, you can opt to receive one or more of our outsourced human resources services, including managing your payroll.

How can WTA help your business?

payroll service in Salt Lake City

Payroll Services Take Time

Small-business owners often want to handle as many tasks as they can in-house. This helps keep expenses down and allows you to put more money back into the business. However, it’s best to do a cost/benefit analysis when it comes to outsourced payroll services in Salt Lake City.

Think about how much time it takes you to complete your payroll. Even if you only do it twice a month instead of every week, it’s an investment. How much is your time worth?

When you’re an employee, you can answer that question more easily than when you own your own business. But you must take into consideration not only what your time is worth monetarily, but what other important tasks you could be doing to grow your company instead of completing payroll.

For instance, if your billable hour rate is $50, you may conclude that that is what your time is worth. But what if you spent that hour landing new clients or devising new ways to save your company money? Then it’s worth much more.

Payroll Services Require Specified Knowledge

Thus far, you may have been doing your own payroll for your Salt Lake City business, but are you sure you have been doing it correctly? Deducting the right amounts for taxes and FICA is important. And not only do you need to make these deductions faithfully, you need to pay in to the correct government agency by predetermined dates. Further, the rules are different for employees and independent contractors.

At WTA, we are experts in payroll services. When a business owner is new to payroll, they might make a mistake that could cost them thousands in government fines.

Payroll Services Make Tax Time Easier

WTA keeps careful, meticulous records of all the payroll services we perform. This makes it infinitely easier for business owners come tax time. They don’t need to hunt around, searching for the paperwork required to file their taxes. We provide everything up front, so you have it when you need it.

WTA for Payroll Services in Salt Lake City

For 20 years, WTA has been the preferred provider of HR services and payroll services in Salt Lake City. We also help Salt Lake City companies with workers’ compensation claims management and PEO. Call us today for a quote on any of our HR services.