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Top 6 Myths About Outsourced HR Services

outsourced HR servicesOutsourced HR services can provide your business with many benefits — decreased costs, increased efficiency and more flexibility. If you as a business owner are overwhelmed with payroll regul

Small Business Hiring Challenges: 4 Obstacles You May Face

hiring challengesEvery industry has some small business hiring challenges, and some are formidable enough that they can make you hesitant to push your company to the next level. You know you’re ready to expan

Designing an Employee Wellness Program

employee wellness programAn employee wellness program can dramatically improve the lives of your workers, resulting in a boost to your bottom line. More companies are instituting employee wellness programs every day be

How to Keep Millennial Workers at Your Company

millenial-workersBy 2020, millennial workers will make up 50 percent of the global workforce. By 2025, they’ll make up 75 percent. In Utah, millennial workers are plentiful, and it’s a portion of the popula

What Can PEO Services Offer Your Small Business?

PEO ServicesPEO services are invaluable for small businesses. A professional employer organization allows you to focus more on running your company and less on the minute details that only serve to take up room i